vignettevideoifp2False. With $704/month, a single person receiving social assistance has to live with half of the minimal income necessary for housing, food and other basic needs. No one benefits from poverty.

Improving living situations means providing more ways to return to work. Numbers show that it is much more effective to support than punish.


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vignette if3False. What is very expensive? Not acting against poverty which leads to health problems, dropping out of school, homelessness . . . In Quebec, it is estimated that the indirect costs of poverty are $17 billion.

To maintain people in poverty is a very bad calculation. In contrast, reducing inequality is an investment for present and future generations.


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flyers soirée du 14 octobreWednesday, october 14th, from 5:50 to 8pm, at the Centre Communautaire de Loisir de Côte-des-Neiges.

Within the framework of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, we organize an evening of exchanges and workshops in collaboration with Project Genesis and Front commun des personnes assistées sociales.

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Pour sa huitième édition le festival des savoirs partagés a rassemblé grands et petits autour d’atelier de musique, de science, de peinture, d’art martiaux, de relaxation, de lecture, de modèle vivant, de mosaïque et bien d’autres.

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En direct avec l'ONU

Cinq membres d’ATD Quart Monde ayant l’expérience de la pauvreté ont dialogué par visioconférence avec des délégués de l’organisation des Nations Unis à New York sur le thème de la santé. More »


Since 2011, ATD Fourth World Movement’s members, among which are four persons experienced with living poverty, Healthcare professionals and researchers realized a participatory research called EQUIsanTE.



You can read an article published in the International Journal For Equity in Health.

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danielToday is International Volunteer Day!

In this video (first in a series of videos that we’ll be sharing over the coming months), Daniel Marineau tells us more about his work and why it’s so important.

We’re big fans of Volunteer Day – not just for all the help we get from people of all walks of life around the world, but becuase our Volunteer Corps is so important to the work we do. Learn more about the volunteer corp.


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From 1982 to 2010, the inequalities between the richest 1% and the remaining 99% of the population increased. In constant dollars from 2010, the average income (after taxes) of the richest 1% increased by 86%, while the More »