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24 Hours for World Peace

« The violence of contempt and of indifference creates misery, because it inevitably leads to exclusion, to the rejection of one human by the rest of humanity »
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After reflecting on citizens’ involvement within small groups, 47 people got together at the Fourth World House in Montreal to exchange knowledge on the subject. These people were from different parts of Quebec, and wether they were living in poverty or not we could observe that everyone was involved in the life of his or her district.

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 Foule2As it is the case every year, several events were held around the world to celebrate the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, initially set up by the ATD Fourth World Movement.

In Quebec, marches are taking place in Rouyn-Noranda, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Granby and Sherbrooke. There is theatre in Quebec City, meetings in Rimouski, Magog, Victoriaville, Trois-Rivières, Repentigny, Bonaventure, etc. More »

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IMG_6343From the 22nd to the 25th of August 2013, Edmond Hamelin Park in Hochelaga was filled with colours, sounds and laughter. More than forty different workshops took place over the 4 day period thanks to the twenty-four volunteers who took turns and to the two hundred people who took part in the 2013 Festival of shared knowledge. More »

AQM-DSC08380-finalYes, Daniel Marineau and Sophie Trépanier are exploring volunteer work right here in Montreal. We are real Quebecers and even Montrealers, but we often talk about Nigeria, Africa. We found the Movement on line and we started taking part in the street library. We were really taken by the Movement’s values and by its presence in a district like Hochelaga; getting involved in the Movement seemed to be the obvious choice. It is during our four-year stay in Nigeria that we realized that humanitarian assistance is not done “with” people, but that it has to do with a group of participants — specialists or newcomers — deciding, with their money, what “poor people” need. We tried to work on some projects with people, but cramped structures blocked us. We still wanted to work with people so we looked for an organization that really does that. Even though I — Daniel — had read Father Joseph’s books, ATD Fourth World Movement was unknown to us. More »

video15 minutes video in which its attendees introduce you to the Fourth World Peoples’Universities.

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Young readerEvery week, we come meet children and parents, in a park at the bottom of Hochelaga’s council tower block. We bring books and an artistic or manual activity. Children are more and more numerous, we’re looking for help!

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DSC_3311During our last meeting, we reflected at the consideration of point of view of people living in poverty situations in the elaboration of politics concerning them. Some members of the law committee also participate at other committees as representatives of people living in poverty situations. It is from their experience that our exchanges occured while guided by the Charter of the crossing of ATD Fourth World learnings.

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taeAt our last meeting, we worked on the question of employment assistance. We want to share some of the questions and exchanges that were addressed. Should we abandon the idea of integrating people who have been unemployed from the labor market for a long time, people without qualifications, and also people older than 45 years with lots of experience years working in factory but who haven’t gone to school for a long time. More »